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Topographical Surveys provide a detailed three-dimensional 'map' precisely showing the important topographic features of a site. Accurate Information including the location of services, changes in levels, watercourses, drainage systems and position and size of trees etc allows those involved in any site improvements, construction or development of land and property to confidently make the right professional decisions and estimates.

Our Measured Building Surveys provide a level of detail tailored specifically to your requirements whether it be residential of large commercial projects. Accurate measurements for floor plans, elevation details, sections and garden/external surveys, from simple plans to full comprehensive surveys.

GPS is a fast and efficient method of providing developers, engineers and other professionals with accurate three-dimensional coordinates and levels information using satellite technology. Often used in conjunction with conventional land surveying techniques for flood risk assessments, landfill surveys etc and general topographical analysis.

Engineering Surveys. We have the necessary skills and equipment to ensure that structures such as piles, bridges, tunnels and steel frames are built exactly to plan quickly and economically with minimum disruption. Our experienced land surveyors can check for and monitor geological movements and subsidence, and provide accurate up to date vital information.

Flood plain, river and inland waterways surveys are conducted using a combination of equipment and provides essential information for clients such as river engineers, the Environment Agency and Property Insurance Companies to accurately assess risks and monitor water level activity etc.

Volumetric Surveys monitor and calculate the quantities of material being put into or taken out of the ground in landfills and quarries or any where where this kind of accurate information is required. Our volumetric surveys have a high degree of accuracy and are conducted efficiently and with the minimum of disruption on site.

Boundary Surveys are undertaken by our surveyors using similar methods and instruments to the topographic and measured building surveys and provides information that clearly defines exact boundaries. Precise boundaries often need to be established such as when land is merged or sub-divided, to help developers work out costing's and design housing layouts, or just for when there is no physical boundary like a fence present, etc. The correct position of a boundary can also be set out on site to resolve boundary disputes and the data gathered by us can be compared with existing land registry deeds or ordnance survey.

Another very important aspect of our work is Underground Features and Services Surveys, used to determine the types and depths of existing utilities, drains etc so they can be used or safely avoided. This kind of data is obviously essential to avoid costly and time consuming mistakes


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